AI Engineer (Senior)

Job Description
  • We are seeking a dedicated artificial intelligence engineer to join our growing company. You will in charge of develop new models and algorithms to apply artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems and change the future
  • As an artificial intelligence engineer, you will be expected to have a keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and staying current with the latest developments in a rapidly changing field. Your duties will include collecting and analyzing data sets to identify patterns and develop predictive algorithmic models
Key Responsibilities
  • Develop LLMs models that support Vietnamese and Korean language
  • Applying popular AI models such as BERT, NER, T5,... to implement some project features such as: Speech Recognition, Voice Command Recognition, Real time Translation,...
  • Participate in cooperation with project teams in charge of features related to AI applications
  • Update new AI trends, propose implementation to serve company operations
Technical Skills
  • Ability to process data to develop datasets necessary for the AI model training process
  • Ability to train the team on in-depth AI techniques
  • Basic understanding of frontend frameworks such as Streamlit, mobile cross platform (Flutter, Ionic,...)
  • Ability to manage personal work to follow project schedule
  • Ability to convey AI techniques to Non-AITech members